Complaints and Reports

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The Transport Regulation Authority (ART) approved with Resolution no. 28/2021 the "Measures concerning the minimum content of the specific rights that users of rail and bus transport services can demand from the managers of the services and related infrastructures with regard to the handling of complaints". Following this Resolution Automobilistica Perego S.p.A. guarantees a complaints handling procedure that is easy to access and use, ensuring that complaints can also be submitted in English.

To make a complaint, use the dedicated form or fill out the form below.

Report via form

The completed form can be presented at the offices or ticket offices of the Tirano and Bormio bus stations; sent by email to the mailbox with notification of successful registration to the protocol; sent by registered mail to the address: Automobilistica Perego S.p.A. - Stations Square, 5 -23037 TIRANO (SO)

Report by filling out the form