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The ministerial platform for requesting the Transport Bonus for the year 2023 has been active since Monday 17 April, available at this link:

First get the transport bonus code:

1) Access the portal via SPID or CIE: enter the self-certification of income and indicate the amount of the voucher requested from against the expected expenditure. The transport bonus can be requested by 2023 citizens with a total income in 2022 not exceeding €20,000.

2)Select "Automobilistica Perego S.p.A" from the list of transport managers (NW: company headquarters Via Ansperto, 7 Milan (MI)

3) Once you have completed this procedure and obtained the voucher, you will need to send it to or;

4) Once you have received the validation response, you can go to one of our ticket offices with the bonus in paper format and email, and you can buy yours subscription.


  • purchases with transport bonus must be made with a system of traceable payment. It is therefore not possible to pay in cash.
  • the bonus can only be used for company season tickets or provincial season tickets (IVOP).
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