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Not a mere donation, but the realisation of micro projects that can accompany us in our support of AISM.

This was the spirit in which the collaboration between Perego and the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association was born in the spring of 2021.

Season after season we try to imagine how to involve our local public transport users, but also Bus Perego Express customers, in supporting AISM.

During the summer period we encourage the transport of bicycles with an ad hoc campaign in which half the value of the tickets is donated to the association.

This is also the case for Bus Perego Express organised trips: if the customer makes a small donation, he or she can periodically be drawn as a donor for a free trip.

For the next season we plan to equip the vehicles with a sticker featuring the AISM logo, in which members who use public transport can recognise themselves and feel freer to ask for help in accessing the vehicle or other forms of support.

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